Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Totally geeking out

Todd totally talked me into doing this.
Avatars (whatever that is)

This one is for me:

(she's a violin playing bad a$$)

This one is for Todd:

(she's a bit more wicked my character i like to play in Champions of Norath)

I have officially geeked out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week #8

Totally forgot to do this over the weekend, but that's maybe a good thing...otherwise I wouldn't be able to say that I am grateful for Sloan's Lake

Todd and I took a nice long walk around the lake (about 3miles roundtrip) while we waited for our baked potatoes to cook...we had wonderful conversation (like we usually do) and managed somehow to make it home with exactly one minute remaining on the potatoes! I didn't think we'd be able to walk the whole trail before having to head home, but Todd was convinced that we could and wouldn't you know it? We did!!

Mostly, it was just the perfect day for a walk and what could be a better combination than my gorgeous husband, a big lovely lake and sunny skies?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Geez, Dumbledore! Could ya take any longer to get in the frickin' car?!

I have to get a CT scan sometime soon.
They're probably not going to be able to tell me anything I don't already know.

I'm going to the chiroquackter on Friday to see if my back is jacked up and that's why my head has been hurting so much for so long. Hopefully that'll help, even if just for my general back pain (good grief...I sound like I'm 80 years old!).

My stupid doctor had me all kinds of stupid worried on Monday when he told me that the CT scan will check for tumors, lesions and brain swelling and if I have to see a neurologist, they'll check for meningitis. What the frick kind of doc do I have?!?!?

I'm sure I'm fine.
I'm pretty sure my back is what's causing the headaches so once I get that fixed it'll be fine.


And all the while I was worried about tumors on Monday, I'm pretty sure I kicked the crap out of my Spanish test that night. We'll see....

Monday, February 18, 2008

The way you eat carrots is just really cute!!

i'm at home.
not at work.
i've had a headache for as long as time has existed.
or at least a month.
one singular day of respite from the pain in the last month.
going to the doctor this afternoon.
what are the going to tell me?
that i'm under a lot of stress? no kidding.

i have a big ol' test tonight that i'm completely unprepared for and still have some homework to do. i'll get going on that in the next hour or so. i'm still trying to see straight.

okay, i can see straight, but the thought of going outside in the bright sunlight to get my books from the car makes me head hurt even more. ergh.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Week #7

This week, I'm thankful for Valentines Day.

Now that you've all stopped gagging, I'll move on with this.
This was our first married Valentines Day and boy did we do it up right! First, we exchanged gifts in the morning and then Todd surprised me by showing up at my office with a bouquet of roses and a really funny card...he'd taken the day off so that he could do that. Then we had lunch together (just at Qdoba as our dinner was going to be rather extravagant). After I suffered through class with a monster headache, I went home to change and Todd and I made our way to Fossil Trace for dinner. That's right. We had dinner at the same restaurant our reception was at...and it was totally worth it. First off, Jaime, the event coordinator whom I love, called us personally to invite us to dinner there which was a huge bonus. Then on top of that, she remembered that we love old standards (Sinatra, Bennett, etc. ) and they had a guy coming in to sing the standards all night, so that was an even bigger bonus! Dinner, frankly, was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. And I had two glasses of a very delicious Riesling so that was awesome. The singer guy even asked us if we liked Sinatra and Todd and I about fell out of our chairs telling him how much we love Sinatra! And then he took a request and actually knew Todd's fave Sinatra tune that's pretty random and unknown and singer guy serenaded us! So that was awesomeness.

I've only recently come to have an appreciation for Valentines Day. I've never actually HATED the day, but it's not always been my fave. Previously, I have found it to be a bit over-commercialized and forcing us to buy expensive crap for the people we love. But Todd pointed out that if we're going to hat eon Valentines Day for its commercialism, we have to hate on Christmas and Halloween and every other holiday too. Frankly, we spend w-a-y more on misc. crap at Christmas than we do on Valentines Day (which averages $70) and yet we've somehow bent over and resigned ourselves to the fact that we're going to have to spend a buttload on Christmas.

Furthermore, to all of you who get all kind of bent out of shape about Valentines Day and your singleness, I have one thing to say: Don't try to make me miserable just because you are. This is a fun day for me...for us. Todd surprises me with random gifts all the time throughout the year and I appreciate it so much. But Valentines Day is the one day a year where I KNOW, without any doubt, that I'm going to get my dozen roses. It's not that I expect's just something that I look forward to. And I really hope that I never get cynical and bitchy about it either. Yes, it's a lot of money to spend on flowers, but hey...Todd likes to do it and I don't at all mind receiving them. So I'm gonna keep on loving it.

And really, Valentines Day is a whole day devoted to love. I guess I just think that seeing people all around me madly in love isn't such a bad thing. With all the other crap that we have to deal with and hear about every other day, isn't it kind of nice to see everybody loving each other for even just ONE DAY?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Week #6

This has been an incredibly rough and generally bad week. Yesterday being the culmination of awful. I don't really want to get into what made it so awful and yucky, but this week I'm beyond grateful for my husband...

(if you didn't know, this is a photo of the first time he saw me on our wedding day)

I sometimes take for granted all the things he does for me and is for me. He cooks me really delicious dinners (Monday, he made chicken alfredo with whole wheat pasta...mmm! From scratch...MMMMM!!!), never asks me to take out the trash, straightens up the house without me asking, shovels the snow every time it dumps on us and so much more, all without complaining about it. He even often runs errands for me (picking up library books, taking things to the post office, etc.).

I try really hard to keep a promise to my dad regarding Todd and the last few weeks I have failed miserably at keeping that's something he told me to do right before Todd and I left for our honeymoon and I promised that I'd do it and I really haven't made good on the promise and for that, I'm really sorry...and I will try my hardest to do better...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Oh, yeah, I'm a gym member. I try to go four times a week, but I've missed the last... twelve hundred times."

Today was a blessed miracle.
I work up WITHOUT a pounding headache. Granted, it's back now, but that's what Extra Strength Tylenol is for, right? Regardless, I was able to wake up at 6:30am without was a pleasant surprise. It should be noted that I did fall asleep around 830pm while watching a really interesting movie (hmmm...Hillary ISN'T the first to do it...thank you, Maura). I caught the most poignant portions of the movie and highly recommend it to everyone. Seriously. Todd has always said that the most "ideal" (?) candidate for presidency would be a black lesbian Jew. I wonder if Shirley Chisholm was a lesbian Jew? haha! On a more serious note, I would LOVE to hear what she has to say regarding Hillary. Oof. Shirley Chisholm, I have decided, is one of my heroes. I don't have heroes. Never have. The closest a person has ever come to being my "hero" is Miriam, Moses' sister. If you really want to know why, you'll ask.

But damn. Shirley Chisholm? You go, girl! She warrants everyone's respect. WATCH THE MOVIE.

Anyway, after the movie was over, I passed out. Barley remember Todd getting into bed.

I have my literature class tonight and am rather excited. But more than that, I'm excited that today is SUPER TUESDAY! Screw Fat Tuesday...we have the chance to make change happen! Well, you might. I don't. I'm registered independent, but whatever. You should all go caucus tonight. Or at least, watch the media coverage...stay informed. This is a BIG year, peeps. BIG. I'm practically giddy with anticipation!

Do you realize that no matter what, there WILL be either a woman or a black man on the ballot? That's fricking amazing. I don't care who ya are...that's note-worthy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"You have Motorola RAZR?! COLLECTIBLE!!"

My head has been pounding since last Tuesday. So that's fun.

We had some people over to watch the Super Bowl last night. Todd made homemade chicken wings and swedish meatballs in a pineapple sauce. I made guac and hummus and semi-burnt a Papa Murphy's pizza. Gabe, Kelly, Corwin, and Daniel all made appearances and we generally had a really good time. Much laughter to be had, but not really at the commercials so much as as whatever someone was talking about at the time (like collectible items in Japan).

I feel like I'm completely brain-dead lately. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through 2 hours of Spanish tonight.

Tomorrow night is Super Fat Tuesday and we're going to Baker Street Pub to watch the caucuses and drink uber-cheap beer. I will also be studying for a Spanish test (I'm so responsible).

I'm getting a facial on Friday. I'm going to need one by then, that's for sure.

Our first vacation of the year is coming up in less that 2 months. I think it's in about 6 weeks actually. I can't wait to bring back loads of pictures of our adventures!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Week #5

This week, I'm uber-grateful for this lovely lady:

We went out for beers the other night. She was packing up her house and said "If I watch one more romantic comedy, I'm going to blow my brains out...let's meet for drinks." So we did.

She gives me hope that one of these days, I'm going to be doing something I'm really passionate about.

But my favorite thing? At the end of any day, regardless of how jacked up either of our lives our, how confusing things become, we can still laugh at, with, and for each other.

And tomorrow night, I will be seeing her nearly NUUUUUUUUUUDE! On stage...don't freak Patrick Marber's CLOSER....